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“Dr.Dyer & Staff,

 We are grateful for your care and professionalism over the last decade. You have given us fun family outings, and serene office visits, with gorgeous results!!! "

Elaine Z.


 "Thank you thank you thank you! What a wonderful experience working with your team. Always professional, courteous, and extremely flexible. My son had braces for 5 years and Dr. Dyer came in towards the end and finished up the process. He is so happy now in Dr. Dyer is the one who really helped to make it all happen. Thank you for your Wonderful staff and assistance when it got financially tough. And of course the arcade is a blast from my past :-) I wish I could post a picture of my gorgeous son but take it from a mother of 4 who was on her third set of braces, this was the best experience of all. I would recommend Dr.Dyer to anyone looking for any kind of Orthodontic Care. He is the best!"

Tiffany D.


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